Exclusive Artists

Caroll Forseth

The artistic ability of Caroll Forseth began to emerge when he was a young boy living in Nothern Alberta. He was one of the nine children born to Norwegian immigrants homesteading in Canada. From an early age, he knew he had a talent for painting. Although his surroundings, as a child, did not afford him the luxury of art lessons, the drive and determination of years have made Forseth a master. The development of technique, an uncanny sensitivity to color and the projection of composition were self learned tools in the quest to record the beauty he sees. The rugged and majestic Rocky Mountains provide the inspiration for the majority of his work. Working from a wide pallette, tangibility is projected from the canvas in color, weight, and texture. The pallette knife and brush seem to take on life of their own as they effortlessly fashion the subject, held by the hand and followed by the eyes that have become one with the canvas and oils. Mr. Forseth’s full time career, now spanning over twenty years, has afforded him a stress free lifestyle. He is a devoted husband, father and grandfather. Gregarious by nature, his loves besides art are music, travelling, people, family and most of all his Creator. The years of magnifying his talent have earned Caroll Forseth the esteem and respect of his fellow artists, patrons, and students. His endless dedication to art showings, preparing commission work and teaching seminars in many countries is evidence of a deep commitment to share the grand vision he has with others in a permanent legacy.