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Guadalupe Apodaca

Oil painting, Guadalupe ApodacaAWARD WINNING artist, Guadalupe Apodaca, longtime member of the Pastel Society of America, affirms, "I love what I do.  To bring life to a blank canvas in the form of a person, place or thing is very exciting!"

Guadalupe Apodaca has been recognized in his 40 year career as an Award Winning Artist in the Pastel Society of America and hundreds of juried shows thru out the United States.

Born in Fort Collins, Colorado, he began his art endeavors in the Third grade, sitting in the back of Catholic school, out of the watchful eyes of the nuns.

Working in Oils, and Pastel, Guadalupe’s courageous use of color and bold strokes, create vibrant movement, and a soft abstract quality seen in the Native American Dancers, Enchanting children, and captivating Landscapes he translates to the canvas.

Guadalupe’s says, "There is nothing more exciting than taking a blank canvas and watching it come to life ". Though I have trained with the renowned George Cherepov, my greatest work comes from my heart."

Oil painting, Guadalupe ApodacaMany collectors and admirers remark on the feelings evoked by his creations, and the emotional attachment, commenting how the eyes of his work travel as you pass by.

To find his subjects Guadalupe travels to Portugal, Spain, and Mexico where he lives with the culture, which in turn, inspires the translation and feeling of each original piece.

Not limited to giving his heart to each unique piece, Guadalupe is involved with many other talented artists in the H.E.A.R.T. organization which is building a Cultural Center for the Arts in a village called Huachinera, in Sonora Mexico. His dream to share his love of the arts with the world is coming true as the first phase of building is nearing completion.

Guadalupe’s tireless efforts of fund raising for this non profit organization has brought many artists who share the pursuit and creating a strong bond of community and service soon to be shared with the world.

Guadalupe’s studios in Scottsdale and Mexico are shared with his wife Colleen.