Exclusive Artists

Jess Davila

Born in 1946, Jess Davila spent his formidable years in the beautiful state of Sonora, Mexico. He grew up exploring and appreciating the unspoiled beauty of the desert and mountainous regions of his homeland. Early on, Jess developed an interest in art. His skills, even as a young child, were considered remarkable.

With his family, Jess relocated to Arizona while in his mid-teens. There he experienced first hand the inspiring beauty of the desert Southwest. His journey into adulthood led him to California as a young man. He became a successful businessman and entrepreneur, hoping to someday fulfill his life-long desire to devote himself entirely to the creation of art. His dream became a reality and he opened his first studio.

Davila concentrated on cultivating his personal contemporary style. A completely self-taught artist, Davila's experiences with various mediums such as acrylic on paper and canvas, pen and ink, pastels, charcoal and plaster allowed him to express and develop the many facets of his artistic talent and added depth to his creative being.

Drawn by the love of the Southwest and the cultural richness of the community, Davila relocated to the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. This aesthetic environment continues to provide a constant source of inspiration for his artistic endeavors. It was in his New Mexico studio that Jess fulfilled another lifelong desire and, as a result, emerged as a gifted sculptor. Guided by the shape, color, and texture of stone mediums including marble, alabaster and limestone, Davila sculpts what is already present in his artists' eye. He draws from the harmonious blend of his romantic Latin heritage, his interpretation of personal remembrances and the beauty that he sees in all things natural to create impressive works in stone.

The most captivating stone creations are chosen by the artist to be interpreted in bronze. While capturing the warmth of the original image, the casting undergoes a unique metamorphosis through the application of various patinas, which add beauty and dimension, to the piece, which can only be achieved in bronze.

Davila is now moving into sculpting in clay. This medium allows for a greater expression of detail in his bronzes and is the next plateau in the extraordinary career of this artist.

Jess Davila's heart and soul is apparent in every piece he creates. From the beautiful, serene women to the whimsical dancing bears and proud Native American warriors, Davila's unique stone and bronze interpretations evoke strong emotions from all who have the privilege of viewing them.