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Robert Ball

Exclusive Artist Robert Ball | Thunderbird Artists "Becoming an artist was not one of the things I had in mind as I was growing
up," says wildlife sculptor Robert Ball. "In fact the possibility never entered my
mind until much later in life. Looking back however I can see a connecting thread leading from the past to the present. That connection being a love of wildlife and the habitat providing them sanctuary."

Living in Lake Tahoe for many years and later moving to Montana gave
Robert a great opportunity to observe wildlife and gain inspiration from the rugged and beautiful land. "My wife Rae Ann was really the first artist in our family. She had learned pottery as a means of financial survival in Montana during the 1970's. Her pottery business was doing so well that I became her assistant to keep up on the orders. Even though this was challenging work and we were quite successful at it there was a natural desire to change direction and wildlife sculpture provided an exciting opportunity."

Primarily self-taught, Robert participated in a couple of workshops taught by renowned sculptor Gerald Balciar. "This provided a significant boost to my level of skill, inspiration, and commitment," he adds. Recognition came rapidly over the next few years with Best of Show and Best Sculpture awards from National and International events such as the C.M. Russell Auction; National Western Art Show; Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show; Oklahoma Wildlife Art Festival; and The Calgary Stampede Western Art Show.

Robert enjoys creating his works in the timeless medium of bronze. His style
attempts to capture the uniqueness and personality of each animal he portrays. "I believe animals are similar to people in that each is an individual in their appearance and behavior. I try to bring that out in my work by focusing on their body attitude and facial expression," he reveals.

Robert spends Montana summers and Arizona winters with his wife Rae Ann,
their dogs and a menagerie of bunnies.