Thunderbird Artists Festivals and Calendar



General Information

Q. Are the festivals indoors or outdoors?
A. All festivals are outdoors.
Q. What are the hours of the festivals?
A. Most festival hours are 10am-5pm over the three day period.
Q. Is there an admission charge for any of the Fine Art Festivals?
A. Admission is $3.00 all three days, except for the Colorado festivals, which have free admission.
Q. Is there a charge for parking at any of the festivals?
A. Parking is free at all festivals.
Q. Is there handicapped parking available?
A. Handicapped parking is available at all festivals.
Q. Are there children's events at these festivals?
A. There are no events for children at these festivals.
Q. Is there entertainment at the festivals?
A. Each festival has wonderful, live musical entertainment. Check the Festival Calendar to see who will be performing at each festival.


Q. Is each festival juried?
A. Each festival is independently juried.
Q. What types of art are in the festivals?
A. Each festival features paintings in all mediums, small, medium and life size bronzes, metal sculptures, photography, etching and drawings, batiks, enamels, jewelry, wood, glass, stone, copper, brass and clay sculptures. Check out our Artists' Gallery for a closer look.
Q. How many artists are in each festival?
A. The Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival averages 175 artists, the Thunderbird Artists Fine Art & Wine Festival averages 100 artists and the Fountain Hills Fine Art & Wine Affaire averages 125 artists.
Q. Do the creating artists represent themselves?
A. We strongly urge all of our artists to represent themselves at our festivals. This gives our patrons the opportunity to meet and interact with the talented individuals who create these wonders of art.
Q. Can we purchase the art at the festival?
A. All art, unless previously sold, is available for purchase directly from the artists or his/her representative.
Q. Do the artists do pieces on commission?
A. It is best to speak directly with the artist with whom you would like to create the commissioned piece.

Wine Festivals

Q. Is there wine tasting available at all of the festivals?
A. Wine tasting is available at all festivals that have wine in the event title.
Q. How can I participate in the wine tasting?
A. Wine tasting is available for all patrons 21 and older. The wine tasting package includes a souvenir glass, and six wine tasting tickets for $10. Tickets are exchanged for tastings, a minimum of a ounce and half and require one or two tickets, depending on the wine you select. Additional tickets are available for $1.
Q. How many wine locations are there?
A. There are between four and six wine-tasting areas throughout the festival.
Q. Can I continue to stroll through the artists booths with my wine?
A. Patrons participating in the wine tasting may stroll through the festival with their wine. Patrons may exit the festival grounds with their empty souvenir glass. Glasses with wine in them must be emptied before exiting the festival.

General Info for Artists

Q. Is there a fee to join Thunderbird Artists?
A. No, Thunderbird Artists is not a league and does not offer membership.
Q. Can you tell me what a jury means?
A. A jury is a person or group of people who review all artist's applications, slides and a photos of their display and selects which artists will be accepted to participate.
Q. How does the jury work for Thunderbird Artists?
A. Each artist must submit 4 different slides of their artwork for each festival and a photo of their display in operation. All slides are reviewed and the first group of artists are pulled. Remaining slides are examined again and a second group of artists are selected. There is a third viewing which produces the last group of artists that will be issued acceptance letters. Finally, the slides are reviewed again, to determine which of the remaining artists will be selected as alternates. Each jury is conducted independently of each other. For further information, check out our Artists' Corner, which includes applications, rules and regulations, resources, etc. The jury for all Thunderbird Artists' events is performed by our CEO and Founder, Judith E. Combs.
Q. Does an artist have to send in separate slides for each Festival they are applying?
A. Yes, we require separate slides for each jury.
Q. What does an alternate mean?
A. The alternate list is referred to if a cancellation occurs.
Q. How many artists apply for each festival?
A. The average number of artists that apply for our festivals is 400. The average number of artists that participate at each festival is 163.
Q. Does an artist have to apply and jury for each festival?
A. Yes, all festivals have their own individual applications and jury.
Q. What booth sizes are available?
A. Artists may apply for either a 10'x10', 10'x15', 10'20' or 10'x30' space.
Q. Is there a commission charged to the artists?
A. No, Thunderbird Artists does not charge a commission.
Q. Do you have a central cashier?
A. No, all artists are responsible for collecting on their sales and taxes.
Q. What are the hours of the festivals?
A. Most festival hours are 10am-5pm over the three day period.
Q. Is there an advertising campaign for each festival?
A. Yes, Thunderbird Artists reaches over 3.5 million people through paid advertising for each festival. The media campaign includes paid TV, Newspaper, Radio, Magazines and other publications. This does not take into consideration press releases, feature articles, calendar listings or internet exposure. Combining all advertising, Thunderbird Artists reaches over 5.5 million people per festival.
Q. How many people attend each festival?
A. The Carefree festivals attract an average of 35,000 patrons per festival.