Look into the life of a few of our Thunderbird Artists

Allan Bass

Custom fine art, Artist Allan Bass As an artist, author, and lecturer, Allan Bass has spent the last thirty-five years engaged in an exciting mix of Biblical study, archaeology, natural therapeutics, alternative building techniques, primitive art and sculpting. Nurturing a spirit of individuatlity and self-determination has motivated Allan to stay on the vital path of discovery. Having been born and raised in Texas, Allan was influenced by his parents to have a rich appreciation of self-reliance. These virtues have found their expression in everything from business through relationships.

Allan applied his creativity to Art Design Packaging while developing an international business introducing ancient oriental herbs to the western view. Having the need ot pursue new pathways, he retired as CEO and went to the very roots of his interest, Ancient Cultures. With the "ways and means" at hand, Allan spent several years hiking and backpacking to many of the remote archeological sites of the Southwest. Sitting around campfires in the midst of ancient sites aroused connectivity with the spriitual essence of these people. With each encounter a deeper awareness evolved which birthed an artistic vision within him.

Living in a massive two-hundred and fifty-six year old hacienda on the banks of the Rio Grande River, Allan found New Mexico's historic architecture the perfect environment for creative thought. His belief is that when all areas of life are "in sync", including the architecture in which one lives, the results are profound! Following this extended period of virtual obscurity, Allan felt compelled to build a Kiva styled pit house in rural New Mexico.

Custom fine art, Artist Allan BassHolding a lump of clay dug from the mesa's edge earlier that day, Allan spent the evening gazing into the fireplace of his subterranean pit house. The night culminated in an almost visionary manner by the impression that clay would once again become a vehicle of expression for that which brouth forth the Art of the Ancients.

During this period of inner revelation Allan met his enchanting wife Sondra. As a true native of North Amerca, Sondra's heritage as a member of the Taos Pueblo opened a new window into one of our land's most ancient cultures. As the descendants of those ancestors whome today are referred to as the Anasazi or "ancient ones", Taos Pueblow continues to retain the traditions that were handed down from their predecessors who built many of the "cliff dwellings" and archaeological sites throughout the Southwest.

As reinforcement to Allan's creative gift Sondra emanates the same influence that has preserved the cohesive and spiritual culture at Taos Pueblo. Allan and Sondra's two daughters give hope for the future generations to continue this heritage of beauty and honor.

Following their union, Allan spent the next five years working continuously toward capturing the internal character of his inspiration with a style as unique as the manner in which it was given. Allan's philosophy continues to be that each work must result directly from his internal vision. This makes the art object the new repository of the inner elements.

Allan has developed a style of firing that comvines Japanese Raku techniques with Primitive Pit-firing to achieve an ancient yet contemporary expression in clay. Each art piece Allan created is a true one-of-a-kind.